Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Sweet Mail Delivery

I arrived home last night from a long weekend with LMH & Timid Daughter in New York City (more on that to come in a later post). We crammed in a quick rundown of our weekend during the car ride home with AmusingDad and the Uber-Princess. We followed that with a swift distribution of gifts - from us to the two left behind and from Uber-Princess to me for Mother's Day. Finally, once the exhausted travelers and their sister were snug in bed I set to sorting through the things that had accumulated in my absence. Among them was a mystery box sent priority mail. I hadn't been expecting anything, so it piqued my curiosity. Turns out, it's one of the sweetest packages I've ever received. Wanna see?

Yes, that's really a carefully wrapped, styrofoam-protected bottle of syrup. Funny, isn't it? I mean, how many people get bottles of syrup sent to them from the manufacturer? Turns out that this one came because I'd called some months ago about a defective cap. It had been threaded wrong so that the opening/pour spout ended up on the side toward the handle. It wouldn't go on any other way. Which made it impossible to use. It was probably due to a glitch in manufacturing, but I thought they should know. I wasn't complaining since I'd been able to switch the bad cap with one from another bottle. I just wanted to pass on what I'd discovered in case they need to fix the glitch.

So now I'm on their list - the list of people they send free bottles of syrup with newly designed caps and ask for feedback. I don't mind. I happen to really like this brand of syrup. And if the new cap is drip-proof like they say, then I'll like it even more.

That's all for now. I have to get back to the loads of laundry and backlog of emails. But tell me, have you ever gotten an interesting mystery box in your mail? If so, what was it?