Monday, December 04, 2006

Contrary Kids

Okay, I preface this post with a disclaimer. Blogger beta has lost my post editing toolbar. That means I can't do any formatting or add links or photos. Sorry. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. So far it's the only problem I've had with Blogger beta; I'm not complaining too loudly.

About my kids: I can't figure them out sometimes. Over the long Thanksgiving weekend it was in the 60's here. My husband was out putting up Christmas lights and I urged my kids to get in some outside play before the cold weather hit. They weren't thrilled. In their minds they'd had enough of the outdoors all Summer and Fall. It was time to be indoors. They couldn't see the impending chill and sickness of winter that will keep us shuttered indoors for weeks at a time in the next few months. Me? I know what's ahead. My thought was to fill my kids with enough fresh air and sunlight to hopefully get us through the winter (or at least the Christmas break).

On Tuesday of last week (when it was still in the 60's) I had to force them to stay at the school playground and play. We were there for an hour, thank goodness. Thursday night the cold arrived and Friday morning the snow hit. Friday was a snow day and guess what? They all went outside to play. I think my eldest was out in it for almost six hours between sledding, shoveling and just playing. Then again Saturday they begged to go sledding and stayed out on the hill with my husband for nearly two hours.

Go figure. Give them a warm, sunny day and they want to stay inside. Freezing temps and they're out for hours. I realize it's the novelty of snow and all the fun of winter sports. It's just contrary to what I'd do. I like warmth; period. I did go out sledding for a little bit, but the cold chased me in pretty quickly. But...I didn't get to build a snowman yet or make a snow angel or build a snow fort and have a snowball fight. Maybe next snowfall I'll get out there with them more. Just not for hours at a time. And I'll definitely want to sit in front of the fire wrapped in a fleece blanket drinking hot cocoa afterward. Then it'll be worth it. Now that I think of it, bring on the snow!

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