Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Kids' Christmas Favorites

It's hard to get back to everyday stuff today.The past few days were nearly like a fairy tale to me. We had lots of time with family, all of which was enjoyable. And we had lots of play time. Lots. The funny thing to me was that I spent all day on Christmas playing and still hadn't touched all my new "toys". Our girls had a great Christmas too. When I asked them this morning what their favorite part of Christmas was this year here's how they answered:
Child #2: Opening presents and seeing what I got.
Child #1: Getting anti-gravity chairs and an American girl salon chair.
Child #3: Reading the Christmas story. (Child #1: "Me too!")

Reading the Christmas story? What's so special about that? Well, we have a tradition of listening to daddy read the Christmas story from Luke 2 before opening presents on Christmas morning. This year, however, I thought we'd jump in on his story-telling. So my daughters and I spent every weekday morning from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas break reading Luke 2. We broke down the passage to make it more of a dramatic reading. The plan was for each of us to recite a couple verses from memory. Guess what? It worked! Daddy read the first few verses and then daughter #1 took over, followed by daughter #2. Even the three-year-old recited a couple verses before letting daddy finish the story. It was awesome. I had tears in my eyes. And the girls had a great time giving their dad that gift.

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How excellent!!