Thursday, December 14, 2006

The "Perfect" Gift

Have you ever had one of those occasions where you're out shopping and find just the "perfect" thing for someone on your list? I love when that happens. I usually spend the rest of the time until Christmas all excited and anxious because I can't wait to see how they like what I got them. That's one of the best feelings. Most years I'm able to do that. This year it seems a little less so, mostly due to lack of time. I'm shopping with a list and dashing in the stores for what I need and dashing on out again. No lingering, no window shopping, no browsing to see if I can find "just the perfect thing" for someone. Thankfully I was able to find a couple of great gifts before the holiday rush began. So I still have the excitement and satisfaction of giving what's hopefully "the perfect thing".

I'm down to only a couple more gifts to purchase. Good thing too. The stores are getting more and more crowded. I had to park way out in the mall lot last night. Another reason for dashing in and out. That "dash" slows to a snails pace at the checkout line. No more "quick trips" to any place other than maybe the grocery store. Still, if I get those last few needed gifts in the next day or two I may have time to go back to browsing. I'm all about swapping out one "okay" gift if the perfect one comes along (and that's the beauty of not waiting until Christmas Eve to shop).

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