Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Musing Dad!

Yes, it's Musing Dad's birthday today. I hope he realizes that he's one of the luckiest dads around. After all, how many dads get their own boy Polly Pockets for their birthday? He's guaranteed hours of fun playing with the Uber-princess now (at least that's what she's hoping).

Today is a virtual holiday in our house. Musing Dad was wise enough to take off work (especially since the girls have a break from school). We've already showered him with gifts and have plans for dinner at Famous Dave's tonight. Between now and then Musing Dad is allowed to do whatever he fancies. He's thinking of repairing our broken garage door opener, which is a fitting enough way for him to spend his birthday.

A little about Musing Dad that makes him so lovable: he loves Jesus, wrestles honestly with tough topics instead accepting everything he hears by rote, and works harder than anyone I know at whatever project he's given (except maybe painting because he just doesn't like to do it). He's a brilliant guy and a handyman to boot. In our nearly eleven years of marriage he has built and repaired hundreds of things: rolling appliance cart for our pantry/kitchen, pinewood cars with our girls and a beautiful wood shelf for me, among them. He's replaced lights and plumbing, done drywalling, and has probably tackled every kind of home repair project possible.

So raise a hammer in honor of Musing Dad! Happy Birthday, hon!

5 musings:

Llama Momma said...

Happy Birthday to the musing dad! I'll add to your list of fine qualities: he's one of the most generous people I know. Need a hand getting a sink installed? Give him a call--he'll be over in five minutes. And, he's good at it to boot!

Craver VII said...

Happy B-day Pops!

Kaufmans said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the Famous Dave's!

Mark Goodyear said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! My daughter's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be six and she's having a pirate party.

Is your dad having a pirate party too?

Jenn said...

He sounds like my dad (only younger ;). Your girls are fortunate.