Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All the Field's Her Stage

We sat outside in the cold last weekend for several hours for the beginning of the spring soccer season. Our girls did not disappoint, timid daughter in particular. She was totally in her element on the field, not so much for the sport of it, but the attention. Every time she caught my eye (or the eyes of one of the three grandparents) she smiled and waved. No matter that the ball was traveling down the field toward her at that very moment. She had a audience to satisfy.

It grew more comical on the occasions that actually brought her to our side of the field. On one such occasion she was standing directly in front of us waiting for a throw-in. At least she was supposed to be. In reality she was grinning hard at us and never saw the throw-in until after the ball had hit her on the head. We cheered her "header" and she bounced back and ran off into the game, waving at us over her shoulder.

Did I mention that she had a hat trick over the course of that game? When the kid got her head in the game she was really "on". Timid and quiet on the sidelines, she turns into a monster powerhouse out on the field. That ball stays between her feet while she moves fast. And somewhere along the way she learned how to give it a good strong boot into the goal (okay, here's where I give her coaches some credit - they're doing a great job with this team). Naturally she's also motivated by the applause. More goals means more cheers for her and more chances to wave at Mom and Dzedo and Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe she's headed for a career on stage. But for now we're just going to enjoy the show on the soccer field.

4 musings:

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, that's so funny about her beaming to you and catching a ball in the head! That'd be my Sonia, if she got the chance. She's always focused on the people aspect, bumping into walls and tripping over her own two feet, just as she's flashing an extra smile to some friend or friendly face.

I hope she enjoys the rest of the season. (And I guess you guys should make your whereabouts a secret from now on?)

Craver Vii said...

Aren't they great? This was how my son tended the goal last year. Great form, huh? His first practice is tonight. Maybe we'll catch your family at the games! :-)

A Musing Mom said...

LL-I'm wondering if hiding behind a video camera will help or hinder. I might try it this weekend.

Craver-they should try putting those jerseys on the rest of the team instead (at least one little girl went to pick up the ball during last week's game. She caught herself at the last second). Of course running with one's hands inside a jersey could prove pretty dangerous. So maybe not.

Craver Vii said...

Hey, I ran into our friend, Ed on Saturday!