Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Special Day in the Life of Little Miss History

It's LMH's birthday today. She is so excited. Finally she can say officially that she's eight! It is obvious to me that we have entered the middle years. Suddenly being "older" really matters. So does being "fashion" (read "fashionable"). Boys are not a big deal - yet. Thank goodness. But I'm learning that the relationships at school are becoming more complicated. There are now friends AND enemies. Not just friends and not friends. But at least the "enemy" is the one who gets to the coat hook before she does and hogs all the cubby space. And LMH and said "enemy" worked things out so they hang up their coats at the same time (plus warmer weather will do away with the conflict soon anyway).

So I breathe a short sigh of relief and say that LMH has happily reached her eighth birthday. And I pray that God gives us the wisdom and patience to guide her happily through this ninth year. I see a whole new mom learning curve ahead and am grateful for friends with older children that I can watch and learn from.

Today WE celebrate. After all, I celebrate eight years since I becoming a musing Mom instead of just a musing Gal (and musing Dad, he celebrates the day he became Mr. Fix-it-all and Special Man to more than just one gal). It's a fun journey and we're glad for the child who started it all.

4 musings:

L.L. Barkat said...

Wow... eight years old and thinking about fashion? My seven (almost eight) year old likes to wear two different colored socks (on purpose), flowers with stripes, and whatever else she can throw in the mix. I wonder if this will change?

Craver Vii said...

That's a great age. If she were at my church, she might be entering my Sunday school class next year. These are the years where they are young enough to respect adults, and old (complex/astute) enough to groan when Mr. Craver makes a pun or says a goofy joke to get his point across. They have learned Bible stories before, but now they are better able to string them together or connect the dots and see the one great story, and how it's ultimately all about Jesus!

Aunt Jill and Uncle Jeronimo said...

Tell LMH her Aunt Jill and Uncle Jeronimo wish her a very Happy Birthday on this special day! We wish we could be there to celebrate with her, but hopes she has a great eight!

P.S. Her gift will be sent out today or tomorrow, so please apologize for its "belated-ness".

A Musing Mom said...

LL-I love the way your daughter thinks. Such a free spirit! Don't know if that will change, but from what I hear these "middle years" are the start of some changes.

Craver-okay, now I really miss your church because it sounds like fun to have my kids go through your Sunday school class.

Jill & Jeronimo - miss you guys! Passed your message along to LMH. She's excitedly watching the mail now. : )