Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Known By Our Gifts

My last post was a list of "interesting" facts about me. Well, maybe it was interesting or maybe not. Guess it depends on who was reading it. You probably don't care that I'm a morning person unless you're staying at my house and have to listen to all the goings on beginning at 5:30am.

But on Mother's Day as I was opening my gifts, I realized that those too were somewhat telling of me, or at least who my family thinks I am. And I thought I'd share that with you today. Just because.

From the uber-princess: a note with my real name on it, not "Mommy" because she's very proud that she knows how to spell my real name. And with the note was a brand new Illini shirt that will soon be a collector's item because it has the now-banned "Chief" logo on it. She had also purchased a matching shirt for herself. We're both wearing them today.

From timid daughter: a Martha Stewart ribbon organizer (thank goodness because my stash of ribbons was piled in a messy heap in a basket in the guest room). Now I'm more like Martha with my ribbons trailing neatly out of the robin's egg blue box. And a rubber stamp with girlie things on it like purses and high heels and stuff. 'Cuz I'm a girlie mom.

From little miss history: homemade rose water room spray. The kid's got her mother's gene for inexpensive pampering. She found the recipe in a Highlights magazine and begged her dad to take her to buy roses to make it. It smells pretty nice. She done me proud. Along with that was some cool clear letter stamps for labeling scrapbooks or making cards.

From a musing dad: Gran Turismo 3 auto racing game for the PS2. Because I love car racing games. And I'm still girlie. Did I mention my thumb was hurting by Sunday night from pressing the accelerate button? And that AMD & I were nearly crying we were laughing so hard at the replay of the races showing my car starting in reverse and running into walls and... I'm asking for a steering wheel controller for Christmas.

3 musings:

Jenn said...

Do you suppose Little Miss History would let me in on her trade secrets? I'm curious to try, just for fun . . .

I think these gifts say a lot about you, and a lot about the givers!

Llama Momma said...

What wonderful gifts!! Those are some awesome girls you've got!

Craver Vii said...

Car racing games? Coooool.