Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just for WilyHacker...

who loves the Simpsons. Here I am in all my Simpson-yellow glory. Next time you see me on the street, I hope you'll say "hi".

Thanks to Jennwith2ns for cluing me in to the cool simpsonizeme site. I don't usually blog about what would I look like as (an Amazon woman, a Planet of the Apes character, or whatever other characterize yourself sites there might be). But with the new Simpsons movie just released and Wilyhacker's fascination with all things Simpson, I couldn't resist.

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WilyHacker said...


The Beast Mom said...

heh-heh. I like it! I like the scenery too. BTW, I have no idea about the clothing/jewelry match. I think it just happened that what I was wearing looked very similiar to one of their standard choices.