Thursday, March 06, 2008

Getting it right ... again

(Overheard today in the Musing Household)

Little Miss History to Uber-Princess: Do you want to be a teacher when you grow up?

Uber-Princess: No. I want to be a princess. (surprise, surprise!)

LMH to Timid Daughter: Do you want to be a teacher?

Timid Daughter: No!

LMH: Well, what do you want to be?

TD: I want to be a mom!

LMH: Well, I want to be a teacher. (Stops to think for a moment).
A teacher AND a writer AND a mom.

Uber-Princess: I want to be a princess and a mom!

All I can say is, it warms my heart. They all want my job!

2 musings:

The Beast Mom said...

That's cool. It means they look up to you. :)


mommanator said...

brings a tear to your eye! long live great mom's everywhere!