Thursday, March 20, 2008

Schools' Rules Schmools

Today was kindergarten round-up...for the Uber-Princess's friends; not for her. And I feel like it was one of those days of no turning back. You see, her birthday is 9 days after the official cut-off. So she must spend another year in preschool (or at home) and wait to be five the day she starts kindergarten. This shouldn't bother me. Many moms of July and August babies fret over them being the youngest in their class and the challenges that brings. The Uber-Princess won't have those problems. However, I anticipate other problems, like, say...boredom.

Here's an example from today of why I worry about this. As I was tucking her into bed for her nap she was commenting on being four-and-a-half (we marked this milestone about a week and a half ago with the ditching of her blankie, because "four-and-a-half-year-olds are big girls"). Then she announced that she could count to four and a half.

To which I replied, "really?"

So she demonstrated. "One, one-and-a-half, two, two-and-a-half, three, three-and-a-half, four, four-and-a-half!"

Need I worry?

Oh, and right before that she was working with our magnetic fridge letters, trying to find the one that says "whuh" as in "Wildcats". Now we have a Fridge Phonics toy that lets you insert the letters and says the sound they make aloud. So she inserted a few until she got to "W". But the fact that a four-and-a-half-year-old cares to learn the letter that starts "Wildcats"? And yesterday she counted to 112, with a few prompts. Need I worry?

I realize kindergarten readiness is composed of more than just academics. So let's see: she dresses herself, feeds herself, separates easily from mom, plays well independently, plays well with others... Now, I don't think she's overly brilliant. Sharp? Yes. Bright? Yes. On target to join other kids the age she'll be nine days after the cutoff? Definitely.

I've been told though, that the rules are the rules. No exceptions are made. No testing will be allowed, no looking at individual cases. So I quickly dropped my thoughts of championing her "early" admittance. And today another door was closed.

God has it all under His control. My daughter's birthday was decided long ago. And God knew the rules of the school she'd be attending. I will enjoy, truly enjoy this extra year with her at home more. I just hope she enjoys the year(s) following that.

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L.L. Barkat said...

Some countries don't even start kids until age 7. So, rules are flexible, yes? And what a joy to keep her at your side.

Llama Momma said...

Do you have the option of starting her in first grade, if you do Kindergarten at home with her?

(Knowing our district, probably not. On the other hand, the district works hard to challenge kids at every level, so maybe it'll all work out in the end...)

A Musing Mom said...

LL-That's a good point. Brings some perspective to the whole thing. Thanks!

LM-Our district is too smart for us. They also have a cut-off imposed for entry to first grade (must be six by starting day). And keeping her home for two years to circumvent that doesn't seem worth it. By then the rest of the class will have formed relationships, possibly making it harder for her to join in.
I'm resigned. We'll make the best of it. And if she's ahead in kindergarten, well, they'll work with her.

Latte Lady said...

What a blessing to have another year at home with your sweetie. In the town where I live, parents like their kids to start later. It is an advantage grade and sports wise. Who knows, maybe she will get a full scholarship to college for being so smart!
It could happen! :)

L.L. Barkat said...

Mount Hermon behind us... are you going to Calvin?

A Musing Mom said...

LL-No Calvin Festival for me this time around. Have to meter out my time away at conferences and this year Hearts at Home and She Speaks won out (need to work on "building a platform", hence the focus on moms and speaking).

Wish I could be there, if nothing else to catch a few blog friends in person. : (