Friday, May 16, 2008

Youthful Exhuberance

"I--(put your finger there for a space)--A--M--(finger again)--S--O--(put your finger down)--E--X--C--I--T--E--D--(okay, go down a line)--F--O--R--(finger space)--Y--O--U--(finger down)--T--O--(move down again)--H--A--V--E--(leave room)--A--(now a space)--B--A--B--Y".

I dictated this morning for the Uber-Princess to write a note to her Aunt who announced to her nieces two days ago that she is going to have a baby. Our children aren't great phone conversationalists, so their reactions to her were subdued. But since then the excitement in our house has been palpable. The Uber-Princess's note is accurate.

Actually the Uber-Princess came hopping into the room as soon as I hung up with her aunt. And she proceeded to do a happy dance, complete with a little tune. Then for the rest of the morning/day all conversation revolved around the coming baby.

Uber-Princess:"Will we have to buy diapers for the baby?"

Me:"No, your aunt and uncle will do that?"

Her: "Can we take care of it?"

Me: "I hope so... when it visits."

Her: "Let's buy something for the baby!" (points to every baby related thing we see in the next three stores we enter).

The excitement is understandable, especially with the Uber-Princess. All of her cousins are older than her - WAY older. This will be the first time she can be the older person. So naturally she's excited, not only to hold and cuddle, but also to teach and train. And I'm excited too. It will be lots of fun to welcome a new baby in the family (and not be the one getting up in the night with it).

Now if October 31st would just hurry up and get here!

2 musings:

sarah said...

Great news! Is this your sister or Mike's sister?

A Musing Mom said...

Sarah - it's my youngest sister.