Sunday, June 01, 2008

Random Meme

Last week Llama Momma tagged me with a "6 Random Things" meme. And since I'm feeling a bit random today, I thought I'd answer it. So here you have six random things about me:

1. The first rock concert I saw was Kool & the Gang. My dad was kind enough to take my best friend and I. His hearing has never been the same.

2. Prior to that I'd been to multiple folk concerts. I remember being so bored sitting through those with my parents - mainly a series held at the YMCA. These days I actually choose to listen to folk music. So something must have worked!

3. I sew one Halloween costume each year. I have three daughters, but only one gets a new homemade one. The others either have to shop our costume closet or convince me to get one at the store (that isn't totally cheapy-cheapy).

4. I wear long underwear from October to April (or May, depending on the weather. Last week I was actually wearing my fleece lined jeans for the third grade field day outdoors at school - and I needed them).

5. I played the flute for nearly ten years before taking private lessons. Today LMH starts learning to play on that very same flute. If she sticks with it we won't make her wait quite that long to get private lessons.

6. I have never been out West besides a ski trip to Colorado and a few visits to California. One of these years we'll take the kids so I can see what I've been missing.

There ya have it. I'm not tagging anyone, but if you feel so led to do this meme - then consider yourself tagged.

2 musings:

L.L. Barkat said...

I was tickled by the note that his hearing has never been the same and touched that he took you!

Flute player here too, though I haven't really done it in a while; it's more fun with accompaniment.

And we always make our costumes; indeed, the kids like them so much they wear them year after year, not caring if they are the same creature or whatever again.

Loved the thing about the fleece. Also can relate. : )

A Musing Mom said...

LL - I like how my random thoughts pulled out some commonalities (as odd and random as my thoughts seemed to me). And I'm not surprised about homemade costumes in a household that is as creative as yours. : )