Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Shoes

These. Are my. New. Shoes.

(WARNING: Silly dithering about totally superficial stuff to follow. Read at your own risk. Unless you love shoes. Then you'll understand).

Aren't they lovely? I think I've said it here before that I don't like to shop. Really. Except for shoes. And especially when there is a great shoe sale. Today I found one. I knew Carson Pirie Scott department store was having a big clearance sale and I had some coupons to sweeten the deal. So I went in looking for: a bathing suit and adorable shoes.

Bathing suits this year just weren't working for me - and that's with them on the hangers. A lot of browns. But never mind the bathing suits. Now for the shoes...oh the shoes!

The entire stock of Bobbie Blu shoes was 60% off. I saw the sign. And I saw the shoes. And I told myself to breathe deep. Because I love that entire line of shoes. Bobbie Blu shoes were made for this girl. There's not a pair I wouldn't wear (just maybe one or two that would be dangerous for me to wear). They are funky and cute and...and...I just love them! But being the woman of restraint and frugality that I am, I told myself that it simply wasn't an option to buy (or even try on) all of them. So I picked the two most adorable, sweet looking, catch-your-eye pairs of flats to go with jeans. And I tried them on.

Can I say that they are even cuter on my feet than they are on the shelf? These shoes give me happy feet!

Now, while I wait for jeans weather, just what other outfits can I pair these fantastic little shoes with?

5 musings:

Clarissa said...

Nice choice..! I too got a pair of new shoes from Nordstrom.

L.L. Barkat said...

Very cute shoes.

And a bathing suit. Sigh. That's a shopping trip I never look forward to. This year I actually HAD to get one, as mine was completely shot; ordering the separates through Land's End was a great fix. I got something that looks kind of like a tennis outfit! And the construction is fantastic. Highly recommend. :)

Jenn said...

Oh yeah. Land's End all the way. No doubt.

On Purpose said...

Hello I am visiting from Mylah's blog at ThisIKnow.

Any girl that is a shoe lover is gotta be a GREAT GIRL!

Sending prayers your way today!

A Musing Mom said...

LL - hmm, there's a Lands End nearby, maybe I'll check it out.

Jenn - you too? I'm definitely going to head there.

On purpose - A fellow shoe lover, huh. Thanks for stopping by (and for your prayers).