Friday, October 03, 2008

I have my music

It took me months of saving my allowance and paper route money to get my first Sony Walkman. It was a cutting edge piece of electronics at the time. Not only did it play tapes, but it also had an FM cassette device for listening to the radio. I had that walkman for years, and in typical teenager fashion, used it a lot.

In recent years, however, the concept of personal music had all but disappeared for me. My "current" walkman sat untouched at the bottom of a drawer, the headphones long missing. Keeping an ear out for babies and toddlers made them unworkable. In fact, even my house radio often stayed silent during the day because so often my children's conversational voices were too soft to hear above the music. I found myself turning it off every time I wanted to talk to them. Then in the evenings my husband would dominate the radio dial. Even if I liked what I was hearing, it wasn't very often that it was my music playing.

But I had no idea what I was missing until this week. I now have an iPod. I don't have much music loaded on it yet, but no matter. You see, I have also discovered Pandora. Oh the joys of creating your own "stations" and listening to music that you had forgotten you liked! It was pure bliss to put in my ear buds the other night and snuggle under the covers with the sounds of Gordon Lightfoot serenading me. I like my iPod and I love being able to listen to my music on occasion. Tonight I'll join my husband in listening to Mountain Stage on the house stereo. But maybe tomorrow I'll plug back in and rock out to Outfield or chill to George Winston.

How about you? What are you listening to these days?

3 musings:

everydayMOM said...

I am so glad you asked! =] Actually, I love using my iPod to listen to podcasts... keeps my feeble, almost-40 brain thinking about something positive... I don't really listen to much music on my iPod. I like to listen to music LOUD, so I can sing out, and it sounds really bad if I do that with my iPod on. I wake my family up in the morning to the blaring sound of Toby Mac, "Lose My Soul". LOVE this song! Love it!

Michelle Gregory said...

i never thought i would like the iPod my husband bought a couple of years ago. i even teased him about it. "why would you need that?" i asked. now i love it. i love putting the songs in various folders. and since the music is also on my computer, i can listen to it while i fold the clothes.

A Musing Mom said...

Everydaymom - Okay, I'm going to have to check out "Lose My Soul" on iTunes. I've got a few bucks to burn on there, but haven't been able to decide what I want. Thanks for giving me an idea. I'll have to check into podcasts too.

Michelle - aha, the music on my computer! I've used Pandora on my laptop, but not my downloaded music. Hmmm...Listening while folding laundry... I like it!