Monday, December 01, 2008

November by the Numbers

57,397 words written
100's of games of Solitaire played in avoidance of writing
48 hours of butt-in-chair, must-get-this-done effort made (roughly)
12's (dozens) of cups of tea and hot chocolate consumed
10 fingers worked to the bone
9 different disasters incorporated into the plot (give or take a few)
8 copies of the draft sent by email as back-up
7 characters insinuated themselves into A Musing Mom's life
6 or more blog posts never got written
4 family members made room for writing time
3 "write-ins" attended
2 hands and arms ached from the rigors of endless typing

...all in the pursuit of ONE novel (in rough draft form).

7 musings:

The Beast Mom said...

Hey congrats on accomplishing NaNo! I hope the continued writing goes well. :)


everydayMOM said...

THAT is a lot of Solitaire, girl!!
HUGE congratulations on meeting your goal! Sounds like you need to head on over to the spa after that month!
You rock!

A Musing Mom said...

BM - thanks! It feels great to have done it. So tell me, which has been harder - getting those first 50,000 words done or all the editing that follows (or maybe don't tell me).

everydayMOM - Solebon on the iTouch. It traps me all the time. So when are we going to the spa?

Ameratis said...

I need to try the novel in one month. I have two manuscripts that haven't been finished ha ha. Glad I found your blog!

Sarah said...

Great job! Can't wait to read it.

Michelle Gregory said...

good for you. big hugs.


L.L. Barkat said...

ah... clever! :)