Friday, February 20, 2009

Five-Star Friday

I woke up with a question running through my brain this morning: what kind of day would it be? And along with that question came the thought: wouldn't it be nice if someone could preview our days for us and write up a handy review? That way we'd know whether we should get out of bed or just pull up the blankets and stay put.

A simple movie review format would work fine for me. Give me the star rating - on a scale of one to five, how would you rate this day? Is it a two-star day? A four-star? And maybe a quick recap of the highlights (without giving away any spoilers) would be a big help, not to mention the perspective that would come from hearing it summarized by an objective viewer.

It just seemed to me, in that early morning sleepy brain state, that it would make things so much easier. I could be prepared for the junk to come if I knew it was going to be one of those two-star kind of days - you know, lower my expectations right off the bat. And even if it started out rocky, knowing a day ultimately rated five stars would give me the courage to press on and perhaps give me a little bit of excited anticipation too.

So far today has been a five-star Friday. I wonder how it would have been if I'd known that this morning.

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everydayMOM said...

Just to twist your thinking... what if we started each day saying, "THIS is going to be a 5-star day!" Would we act differently?

I'm glad you had a good one. YOU ROCK, little miss Speaker of the Day! =]