Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a Crafty Time of Year

There's no denying it: I'm a crafty gal. When I spot a new craft idea, my heart pumps at top speed and my mind clicks and my hands start itching to get down to work. Naturally with the holiday gift giving season upon us the number of new craft ideas to be spotted seems endless. And my dining room table has been a wreck for the past week or so as a result. Here are a few of my latest projects:


These are shower favors from everydayMOM's baby shower on Sunday. They're scented bath salts (lavendar, peppermint, eucalyptus/spearmint, sweet orange, grapefruit/lime and rosemary). I bought the jars at Ikea and added some cute rub-on butterflies and then made a variety of bath salts (you can find a recipe in Pampering Gifts on page 96). Seemed like a good gift going into winter - nothing like warming up in a hot bath!

I got the idea for this from a free online class I did over at Jessica Sprague's website. You can find the instructions and free printable journaling prompts at Organized Christmas.com. Timid Daughter made this as a gift for her teacher - she picked out the journal and coordinating paper and had fun helping decorate the jar. Hopefully her teacher likes it as much as we do!


This pocket organizer was soooo simple to make. I found an unused school folder in my closet and dug through my scrapbooking supplies to put it together with things I had on hand. Now I have no excuse not to be prepared this Christmas. Although I guess I actually have to start using it, don't I. You can find instructions for the folder portion at Scrapping Our Stash. Free printable forms to fill the pockets are over at Organized Christmas (look out for that site - if you're a crafter you could get totally sucked in by all the creative ideas they have there).
(Inside of pocket planner)

(Left 2 pockets)
(Right 2 pockets)

So there ya go! Just a little bit of what happens at the Musing house when the craft bug bites! Watch out though... it just might be contagious (here's hoping it is)!

3 musings:

everydayMOM said...

sooooo cute! I love that Christmas organizer!

And all the ladies LOVED the bath salts! What a great idea!!

Lesley said...

Love it! Those look like great projects.
(I just spent naptime "pimping out" my computer desk - scrapbook paper all over the back and insides of the armoire and new drawer pulls. Now I just need to tidy it all up!!)

Karen said...

Great planner! Glad to hear my instructions were easy to follow. =)