Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Still Around, Just Doggin' It

As you can see, the lag between my blog posts grows. I'm still here. I hope in 2011 to get back to a more semi-regular schedule of posts.

The latest and greatest thing in our household has been the addition of a dog, Alex the Schnoodle. I had been the holdout in our family and finally gave in to the longstanding pleas to "just look" at a dog. I had my reasons: the humane society in our fair city was running a special in October of half off the adoption fee. You know what a sucker I am for bargains. I also had seen on their website that they had a dog that sounded like he might fit my exacting standards (oh, I had quite a list, let me tell you). So on the 30th of October we went to "look".

The girls ooh and aahed over all the cute (noisy) puppies. And one adorable shitzu really got their attention. But well, I didn't want a puppy and it had to be a breed that wouldn't shed for all of our allergies. And the dog I'd read about wasn't in his cage. He was apparently visiting with another family. Still, I asked if we could see him next.

The furry creature that we met was nothing like I expected. He was quiet, but friendly and pretty mellow. I'm not sure what about him appealed to my girls, other than that he was a dog. And his name was Alex. Alex??? Who names a dog Alex?

Well, we adopted him the next day and he's been the perfect addition to our family. Mellow, like our family. Cuddly (which is important around three girls). And an absolute gentleman of a dog. The adjustment as been nearly seamless. Okay, there were the first few days when I got a little fed up with being constantly followed. Literally, his nose would touch the back of my legs as I walked. But now we're buddies. I have to go hunt for him if he's not nearby, although he's never up to any kind of trouble. And when I get out of his sight, he trots frantically around the house until he finds me.

Best of all? Timid daughter loves him and he loves her back. In the evenings he sneaks away from me to go sleep on her bed. It's precious. Frankly, I think Christmas this year will be a bit of a letdown after getting Alex. After all, with him, every one of her our wishes came true.

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