Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Thoughts

Do you ever wonder? I often wonder about things. Like why the neighbor put a yellow bulb in their front porch light. Or whether I’ll ever have it all together. Or why some people can be mean to other people and still seem pretty happy with themselves.

I like to wonder. Not to know or have all the answers. Lots of times I’d prefer to guess or make up an answer. Like maybe the neighbor has poor night vision and sees things better in yellow (although wouldn’t green be better – seems like those goggle things you use for seeing through the dark are always tinted green). That’s the writer in me. The real answer would probably be much more boring. The neighbor probably picked up yellow at the store by accident like my husband did yesterday.

Anyway, I promise not to always be so stream-of-consciousness. Some days I’ll report on a fascinating book I’m reading. Other days I’ll share an idea from the book I’m writing. Maybe instructions on how to make one of the cheap ($1 or less) gifts in the book. And I’ll definitely talk about faith and how it plays out in my life. Answers to seemingly insignificant prayers. Now isn’t that something to wonder about?

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For now... said...
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For now... said...

A yellow bulb is a bug bulb. It is supposed to not attract bugs. I put one in for the summer, actually my husband does! Then he takes it out at Christmas! Does it work, I think so.

..sorry I made a mistake and deleted the other one!!!!