Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Froggy Day in Naperville

It's foggy out today. A thick mist hangs almost to the ground. You can barely see the grade school a hundred yards or so away from our back yard. Kinda creepy. But even more so if you're a young child and think it this kind of weather means warty amphibians will be jumping out of the cloudy air and onto your head. That's what I used to think as a little girl. When people said it was foggy I heard "froggy" and preferred to be inside, thank you. I remember my parents forcing me to go out to the car one foggy night. I went cringing and crying the whole way. I hate frogs. And I really hate frogs that might come springing out of the murky darkness en masse. You see, I also thought that froggy meant lots and lots of frogs - like a whole plague of them.
I'd been remembering that whole experience while walking home from the polling place (the grade school) with my three-year old this morning. She commented on the damp air and I told her it was fog. A little bit later we were leaving the house again and she said, "it's froggy out". I think she likes frogs though, so I didn't bother to explain. Besides, it sounded cute coming from her. In the meantime I'm still hoping the sun will break through today. It's feeling a little too slimy out there for me.

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