Saturday, November 04, 2006

Need Any Closet Doors?

Today was basement decluttering day in our house. Here’s what we pitched:

6 pairs of closet doors

2 computer monitors

6 old video tapes

44 cassette tapes

A whole lot more stuff got rearranged –mostly into the crawl space. So it feels a little roomier in our rec room. Part of me is wishing that list above was a little longer.

Did I mention that during this decluttering my husband turned another pair of closet doors into shelves under our basement stairs? He’s pretty handy. He also likes to have places to keep his stuff. More shelves=more places. Me? I like less stuff. To me less stuff=more room. Hmmm…wait a minute. Maybe our decluttering venture was more of a success than I originally measured. I got more empty space and hubby got more storage space. A win-win situation.

Next stop: the garage. Or maybe not.

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