Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another Holiday Gift Idea: Homemade Spa Gifts

Still in need of a last-minute gift idea? There's still time to make a few simple gifts. And homemade spa gifts can be easy and much less expensive than their commercial counterparts, without losing anything in the translation. Here's one that my sister especially enjoys (I'm not telling if she's getting it this year or not).

Raw Sugar Scrub
1 c. raw or granulated sugar
1/4 c. walnut or other light oil, such as almond
1/2 tsp. vitamin E oil
essential oils - I use sweet orange, lime & grapefruit

Mix all together and package in jar. Hinged-lid jars look particularly classy, like Origins. (You may want to note the following on your gift tag: "caution when using: contents can cause surfaces such as shower floor to become slippery").

Here's a few hints on supplies: I used milled cane sugar and almond oil. You can find these at natural food stores like Wild Oats or Whole Foods Market. For vitamin E oil I just buy capsules from the drugstore, poke them with a pin and squeeze the oil out (labor intensive, but worth it). Essential oils can be found at the natural food stores, but even Meijer has started carrying Aura Cacia brand, just not very interesting scents. The essential oils will be the priciest item on the list, but you only need 1-2 drops of each for the whole batch.

Have fun making it. And when you're done mixing and pouring into the jars be sure to wipe your mixing bowls out completely using your hands. Don't waste one bit of this wonderful stuff. You can even rub a little onto your elbows. See how nice it feels? You may decide to keep it instead of giving it away!

For more ideas like this and other information on creating inexpensive gifts and decorations, check out the new book, Pampering Gifts: Crafting a Ministry of Treating People Well For Less.

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