Monday, December 18, 2006

Holiday Felt Bags

These are two little felt bags I made to put gifts in for a couple young girls on our gift list. I'd been seeing these kinds of things in lots of stores and kept thinking, 'I bet I could make those myself'. So yesterday I planned out the pattern and today I sewed them. They're quite simple to make and if you're a sewer like me, you've probably got the supplies just lying around waiting to be used. Here's how it's done:

Holiday Felt Bag
2 - 6 1/2" x 7" brown felt squares
1 - 2 3/4" x 20" brown felt strip
2 - 1" x 10" brown felt strips
1 - 3" white circle
1 - 3" red circle
2 white triangles

Start by cutting out all the above pieces. Next cut a pinwheel shape from the red circle. Glue red "pinwheel" onto white circle. Gather points of triangles by stitching about a half inch up from the tip and pulling taught. Stitch inside edges of red pinwheel. Pin circle and triangles to front of one square. Next stitch around perimeter of circle, making sure that triangles are caught in stitching. Pin 20" strip to sides and bottom of one square. Stitch 1/4" from edge along entire strip, making sure to stop and turn 1/4" from end of each section. Repeat with other square. Fold 10" strips in half lengthwise. Stitch 1/4" from unfinished edge on each strip. Pin strips to top of bag about 1" in from each side. Stitch around entire top of bag, catching each handle strip in stitching. Bag is complete! Fill with toiletries or other fun gift!

You could make these in almost any color and put whatever design on them that you want. I'd thought about doing gingerbread men. The peppermint candy was just easier. Have fun creating your own designs for any season or occasion!

For more ideas like this and other information on creating inexpensive gifts and decorations, check out the new book, Pampering Gifts: Crafting a Ministry of Treating People Well For Less.

2 musings:

Llama Momma said...

Sure! I'll just whip some of these up with some of the supplies I've got on Holy cow! You're amazing!

A Musing Mom said...

Ok, ok. I'm probably the only one with piles of felt in my spare room. But really, all it takes is felt and thread and this incredible compulsion to do something creative every day (or at the very least every other day).
Thanks for the compliment!