Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No Carols in Church?

I’m still listening to Christmas music at home (at first I’d been ready to turn it off two days after Thanksgiving). Why? Because I like how it sets the tone for the season. It heightens the anticipation.

My church apparently doesn’t agree. This past Sunday (the first Sunday of Advent) they started the service with an instrumental version of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”. An awesome way to approach the start of Advent. I was really beginning to reflect on Christ’s birth and getting geared up for some Christmas Carols. Then our worship leader announced we wouldn’t be singing any carols, instead we were going to “worship”. And I’m thinking, 'yeah right, because lines like “O Come let us adore him, Christ the Lord” have nothing to do with worship'. To say the least I was greatly disappointed. I’m learning more and more each year that I miss the seasons of the liturgical calendar I grew up with.

So here we are, with probably only one Sunday where we’ll get to sing a carol or two. Why is that? Why can’t we sing carols during advent? Or at least advent songs like “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” (I realize there is a dearth of material to choose from)? I can see a little bit of why you’d save some or even most Christmas Carols for the Big Day. But to pointedly blow off all of it? If you have any ideas on this, let me know. I’m thinking there must be a good reason, but I haven’t figured out what it is yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,
Well, I made it here! Sorry it took me so long. I completely agree with you on this one. Even though the songs on the radio over and over can become a bit much - it is one month of the year and then we don't get to hear these songs for 11 more months. Every so often I break out Christmas music in July or August.
It does evoke...coziness.

I love your blog!