Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who Pulled the Plug?

Now that we've passed the two-weeks-til-Christmas mark it suddenly seems like time is draining away too quickly. And every shopping trip I make is an exercise in futility as if I'm caught in an eddy. It's like this every year for me. At about this point I look at the small pile of things I've actually completed and then turn to the mountain of things yet to be done. Panic time! And when it turns out by the end of the day that the completed pile is still the same size after a lot of errand running and hard work, I really freak. But then a week later I'll be going at a snails pace and find that I'm actually checking things off my list in rapid succession. The accumulation of effort will suddenly pay off.

So today I've reminded myself that I need to take deep breaths, keep plodding on and wait for it all to come together. At the last minute. Like it does every year. I'm really hoping I'm right about that. Maybe I should just put the plug back in, turn the water on high and take a bubble bath.

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Llama Momma said...

You are not alone! I cannot believe it's less than two weeks until Christmas...

Now repeat after me: It will all get done...one thing at a time!