Monday, December 11, 2006

Tea Time

My girls and I visited my husband's British grandmother this afternoon just in time for tea. The girls were thrilled when Grandma asked if they cared for some tea. Cared? Of course they did! They practically count on it when they go to her house. And she loves that they are genuine tea-drinkers (uncommon among American children, but apparently not so in England). So she set out her bone china ("just for you girls"), put on some water, got out a plate of fancy tea cookies and in no time at all the table was ready.

It was a nearly magical occasion. My children's manners came out all polished up. Even my three-year-old held her cup daintily, pinkie pointing outward (where did she get that?!). And although most of the conversation took place between the great-grandparents and I, the girls delighted in every minute of it, groaning when I announced it was time to depart.

Can we institute afternoon tea as an American tradition? I'd love to partake in this genteel social ritual every day. Perhaps you'd like to join me.

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