Friday, January 12, 2007

Girls & Video Games

I have three daughters. I assumed this meant our house would be filled with dolls, but relatively free of video games. Guess what? In this day and age girls like video games. Why? Because the video game companies have figured out how to market to them. I learned this three years ago when, for Christmas, my own hip and cool mom gave her granddaughters (who were 3 & 5 at the time) each their own Game Boy Advance. This was partly to benefit my husband and I for the trip we were planning to take, by car, to Disney World. Along with the GBA's my girls got Disney Princess and Polly Pockets games. Totally girly. My husband reluctantly played them on the car trip because what else was there?

By now we've accumulated a collection of Dora the Explorer, Strawberry Shortcake and Princess games. Even my husband has his own "Simpsons Road Race" game for the GBA. But what about me? I used to get asked to "help me get up into this tree, Mom", but now they've all mastered the games enough not to need my help. Even my uber-princess, after years of sharing her sisters' systems, got her very own GBA this year for Christmas. On the rare occasions I let them pull out their games I immediately get shooed away. Sometimes they'll let Dad play so they can watch him totally rock his way through to the higher levels. But not Mom.

You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking a new Pink Nintendo DS Lite would get me out of the video game dumps. After all, daughter #2 had a DS at the top of her Christmas Wish List. Since she didn't get it that would make me super-cool in her eyes. And I happen to know from an expert (my nephew) all the features and benefits that make the DS superior to the PSP. I had a wonderfully long conversation with him a month or two ago where he brought me up to speed on the portable game systems. Come to think of it, having my own DS would make me hip to him too (my sister-in-law quite regularly outdoes me in the hip & cool department with her iPods and camera-phones, exotic vacations and theatre outings. I could use a turn being top "Hip Mama" in our family).

Why do I say all this? Because Crazy Hip Blog Mama's site has a Nintendo DS/Brain Crazy contest going on. Don't you think I deserve to win?

2 musings:

halfmom said...

I'm really quite glad that my own daughter is now 22.5 and that "back in the day" all a cool mom had to do to qualify as cool was provide lots of food, plenty of lengths of fun fabric for the dress up box,read great stories out loud and listen well!

Anonymous said...

I say "GO FOR IT"! I'm also a mom who can totally relate and I have a pink DS which I do actually play and love. SO now, I am hip with the kids and you know, it's kind of fun because some of the games I can actually play with them because of the wireless play with the DS and they totally love that. I am an old Mario Brothers and PacMan fan, so those are the games I play. Love it! I also happen to have Uno and SkipBo since the kids always get bored of playing cards with me...LOL....So...moms can and SHOULD have fun too...