Saturday, February 03, 2007

18" Doll Shoe Organizer

Here are the instructions for the fabric shoe organizer that I promised:
5/8 yard cotton fabric (can use canvas too but is stiffer to work with) 1/8 yard medium to heavyweight fusible interfacing thread two large (1/4") eyelets/grommets

1. Cut fabric for back panel 9 1/4" wide by 25 1/2" long (these dimensions are for hanging inside the door of a doll closet).
2. Cut 4 strips for pockets 5" high by 15 3/4" wide.
3. Cut 2 pieces of interfacing 1 3/4" x 9". Fuse to top and bottom of back panel according to manufacturer's instructions.
4. Sew 1/4" hem along sides of back panel. Then hem top and bottom of panels by folding over 2" and stitching 1/4" from unfinished edge. (Hemming the back panel in this order leaves you open pockets along the top & bottom for putting a rod through. If you wish to eliminate this pocket, hem top first, then sides).
5. Hem each pocket top with 1/2" doubled hem (turn under 1/2", press. Then turn under again and stitch).
6. Hem bottom of each pocket 1/4".
7. Iron creases into pockets as follows (creating a "Z" effect):
1 1/2" from outside edges on both sides - press to front
2 1/4" from outside edges on both sides - press under (to back)
6 1/4" from outside edges on both sides - press under
7" from outside edges on both sides - press to front
8. Pin pockets to front at following spots, matching centers and folding ends over outside edge of back panels to back:
Pocket 1: 1 3/4" from top
Pocket 2: 6 3/8" from top
Pocket 3: 10 3/4" from top
Pocket 4: 15 1/4" from top
9. Stitch outside edges of all pockets to back panel 1/4" from edge of back panel (leaving z-folds of pockets free). and again 1/8" away.You can see here that the pockets are stitched on the sides but not yet on the bottoms:
10. Stitch down center between pockets
11. Stitch across bottom of each pocket 1/4" from edge, making certain pockets are folded down.
12. Apply eyelets having centers of each 7 1/4" apart and 7/8" from top of panel. Follow manufacturer's instructions for applying (this is based on placement of hooks at 7 1/4" apart. You may need to refigure placement of eyelets based on your own hook placement.
Here you can see the finished organizer hanging from the eyelets.

You can also make a French Memo board to go on the door.

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