Monday, February 05, 2007


Believe it or not, we took our kids rollerskating this weekend. After the ice skating fiasco I was a little hesitant. But hubby was going with us this time so I felt reasonably assured we could make a decent go of it. Plus it was family night for all the kids in the Awana program my girls go to. If the rollerskating bombed at least there'd be friends to hang out with.

Guess what? We had a blast. All three girls left the rink begging us to take them again next year. It helped that it wasn't cold and when they fell they didn't get wet.

Of course timid daughter number two spent the first half hour sitting on a bench refusing to stand up. No amount of coaxing or bribery would get her on her feet. I gave up and her father took over with the gentle suggestions, appropriately timed. Finally she agreed to inch her way around on the carpeted area next to the rink. Fifteen minutes later she graduated to creeping a few feet along the rink before stepping out again. I figured that was all she'd ever do.

Cut to my three-year-old uber princess: she plunged out onto the rink almost immediately (holding my hands only at the start). Once I got her to the safety of the center of the rink she really got into things. Within a few minutes she was dancing up a storm, jumping, shaking her booty and waving her arms; generally just cracking me up. My eldest came over to watch and commented, "It's more fun watching her skate than skating myself." I agreed. And I couldn't help looking wistfully at timid daughter, wishing she'd join us.

I managed to get in a few quick loops of the rink on my own too. Not as fun for me as on ice, but enjoyable. Good exercise, I figure. I had just finished one of those loops and was going to check on timid daughter when I spotted her crossing the rink to the center, being gently guided by the uber princess who was sweetly holding her hand. What her father and I had failed to do in forty-five minutes, her little sister accomplished in two seconds. I wish I'd had my camera to capture that. Once her sister got her out onto the rink, the timid one managed to actually move around some and have fun.

I'm so glad my daughters have each other. And I'm glad I have them.

5 musings:

Llama Momma said...

The photo brings me back! I used to love rollerskating. "Celebrate good times, come on!!"

All skate, everybody skate! Those were good times!

A Musing Mom said...

Used to love?! Aw, come on! Strap on those skates and celebrate! Times can still be good, it's just that rinks are harder to find.

Seriously, I think I enjoyed it even more last weekend that I ever did as a kid. Skating hand in hand with Musing Dad and watching my kids ham it up center rink? Doesn't get much better than that!

Craver VII said...

I like those skating shoes the kids are wearing. I'd be zipping all over the place! I like the blinking LED's on the little kids' shoes, too. Man, I wish they make kids' shoes in my size.

Anonymous said...

I love taking the kids roller skating. There is a great rink close by. It is a great time and I don't mind putting on skates, old fashoined ones not the inline skates!!

A Musing Mom said...

Craver- maybe you should talk to the people in marketing at Buster Brown (or whoever makes the LED shoes & roller shoes). I'd have fun wearing flashing shoes. There's an untapped market out there...

For now - where's the nearby rink? We had to drive over a half hour on Saturday. And in the 'burbs here, anything over 20 minutes is just too far.