Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Memories

We went to the library yesterday and Musing Dad checked out the CD soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar for me. Listening to it brings back memories!

When I was a kid I loved that movie. Trouble was, back in the day there were no VCR's or DVD players so the only way to see any movie was to catch it when it was actually on network TV. And usually this movie (perhaps for the liberal approach it takes to the story of Christ's last week) aired at a very late hour. Too late for this youngster to watch. Or so my folks said.

One year I desperately wanted to see it, late night or not. So I arranged a plan. I would take our little black and white tv into my bedroom closet, along with an earphone and camp out in there to watch it. The bonus of that old black and white was the brightness dimmer - no chance of light escaping under the closet door.

Only remaining detail was the need for me to be in my bed. Solution: a decoy. Thankfully I had a Marie Osmond styling head (okay, if all the other things I've said haven't dated me, surely that does. We not only had the styling head, but my sister also had Donny & Marie dolls, complete with Donny's trademark purple outfit). Marie's hair very nearly matched mine and with that head on my pillow and some extra stuffing under the bedding you could hardly tell I wasn't in the upper bunk (the added height helped too).

At the appointed hour I snuck into the closet. It was glorious watching that movie. All those catchy tunes and the funky seventies dance numbers. I don't remember if I watched it all the way through. And as far as I know my parents were none the wiser. According to my younger sister who occupied the bottom bunk, Dad actually kissed the Marie head good night when he came in later (so see, the movie couldn't have been on too terribly late). And I wasn't any worse for the wear the next morning.

After that year though, I don't remember any other extreme efforts to watch the movie. In fact, I can't remember how long it's been since I last saw it. Musing Dad doesn't think he ever watched it. Maybe next year we'll have to rent it. And this time I can watch it on the couch, even during daylight if I want.

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