Friday, April 06, 2007

It's Friday and God is Good

It's "Good Friday" today. Every year at this time I think to myself, how did they come up with that name? A little searching on Google didn't help. All I found out is the origin is uncertain. Me too. I'm not always certain why you'd call the day we remember an innocent man being convicted on trumped up charges by jealous detractors. We remember his torture and ultimately his death. And we call it "good"?

To those who were there that day it wasn't good. And I have to think Jesus' disciples were filled with not just grief on that night, but also doubt. All their assumptions about a Savior were being dashed before their eyes. Was this what God meant to happen? All they could see was the evil and the tragedy. And indeed on the human side, that is all there was to that long ago Friday.

But God is good. And His intentions toward us are always good. So in the midst of supremely evil events, He did the ultimate Good. He gave His one and only Son up to a humiliating, painful, undeserved death because it was the only way to satisfy the demands of His promise to His people.

The disciples had to have spent that night wondering. Their faith must have been challenged to the utmost. But it wasn't over yet. They were about to learn a whole new way of relating to the convenant-keeping God.

Do you ever have doubts? Are the assumptions you've carried with you for so long being challenged? Could it be because there are things you do not yet know? Is that doubt just the frontier to an undiscovered land? Wait for new information. After all, like Tony Campolo says, "It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!".

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