Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3 Fish & a Wedding

My sister-in-law got married this past weekend. The uber-princess was in her glory as the princess flower girl. She relished every minute of it from the lacy, twirly dress to the ride in the limo to...just being a true princess for a day. As I drove her to the bride's house before the wedding, she commented to me, "I'm so cute". And of course she was right, as many people reminded her all day long, especially after her adorable trip down the aisle carefully dropping the flower petals. So it was rough for her having to leave the reception - a total Cinderella at midnight moment. All of the splendor and finery were about to vanish and she cried miserably. That is, she cried until I pointed out that the tears would leave marks on her dress, at which point she turned them off in an instant. No need to ruin a perfect princess dress.

At the reception there were betta fish swimming in bowls in the center of the table (the bride has a thing for bettas). It was a neat way to decorate, but guess what the parents of the bride (my childrens' grandparents) sent home with us? Not one, but THREE betta fish - one for each granddaughter. Which means now A Musing Mom is left caring for Diamond the teal fish, Flower Girl the red one (guess whose that is), and Tuna Burger the blue betta. My track record thus far has been less than stellar in the betta department, but we'd been considering replacing Rhubarb in hopes we'd learned our lesson. Now he's been more than replaced. And so far all three have survived three days and one partial water change. But Flower Girl is not so active today. And Diamond is hovering near the bottom of his tank. And Tuna Burger rushes around in a huff when you get near his bowl.Oh, the worries of caring for three fish.

Would a dog be easier?

3 musings:

Craver Vii said...

Maybe you could write a book about fish funerals. :-D

Jenn said...

That's hilarious.

My most recent previous-roommate got a beta fish a year and a half ago. She didn't expect it to last long at all, because she had had one before that survived all of about a week. But this one's still swimming . . .

I don't know if you find that fact comforting or dismaying.

A Musing Mom said...

Craver - a fish funeral book? Hmm...might give that one as an assignment to my daughter (she wrote one the other day called "The Potty Book for Children).

Jenn - I'm starting to enjoy the fish after 4 days of getting to know them. Flower Girl is a very skittish fish. Diamond is graceful. And Tuna Burger is an Alpha Male type (would that make him an Alpha Betta?) - totally attacks his food and swims furiously when you come near his bowl. So I may enjoy it if they stick around a while, but it will make losing them that much harder.