Monday, July 16, 2007


Note to self: when going camping, don't forget to bring the silverware that you took out of the camper for that big Christmas dinner. Camping might be "roughing it", but eating cereal and chili without spoons is asking a bit much.

Note to self #2: when taking three kids on a four-hour car ride, it might be a good idea to bring along a little more than one coloring book apiece to occupy them. Like how about those Game Boys their Grandma got them? Or books on CD? Or even car bingo. After all, the stakes for asking "how long until we get there?" are much higher than for trying to spot another cow if there are no squares to cover.

Note to self #3: when wanting to sight see, don't take three kids and a reluctant husband who's all too eager to call a barely functioning historical village with two covered bridges a good substitute for touring the Covered Bridge Capital of the World. It's kinda funny and makes for a good story later, but it's still real disappointing to realize how incredibly dull your interests are to your family. Go on your own. They'll never know what they missed and you'll never know how much they didn't.

Note to self #4: towels. Bring lots of them when camping. It's always sure to rain and if it doesn't they're still good for lots of things. Like drying dishes. And silverware... if you remember to bring it.

3 musings:

Llama Momma said...


Now I'm curious. What did you use for silverware?? Chili w/o silverware would be a challenge...

Mommy's Getaway said...

Those all sound like notes I need to remember when we go camping!

Craver Vii said...

All these notes give me an idea. We don't go camping a lot, and we have a new tent and some outdoor cooking utensils. I think we'll do a dry run in the backyard first, so everybody gets an idea of what we might need.

Note to self: A Musing Mom is so funny!