Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Super Fantastic Wonderfully Superb Day

As we gathered the fixings for some sundaes this evening, Timid Daughter turned to me and commented, "This has been a really cool, fun day!"

I looked down at her grinning face.

"We got to do so many great things!" she exclaimed.

I began racking my brain...so many great things? Let's see:

*we waited in the van for a half hour at 7:30am for LMH's flute lesson

*we did some odd chores, schoolwork, etc. at home

*went to Backyard Bible School (okay, that qualifies as cool & fun)

*ate lunch & went to the library (in my book, very fun)

*then went out for groceries

*washed the van (involved water and bathing suits, which generally constitutes fun)

*read, cooked, ate

*pulled a gazillion maple sproutlings from our yard - among the grass no less

*had an ice cream sundae bar, meaning we got out all the toppings and sprinkles we could find and held a make-your-own (most definitely fun)

It seemed to me like a fairly normal day with a little fun sprinkled in. I'm just glad that those little sprinkles are all it takes to add up to great fun for my girls.

And with posts like this, who needs Twitter anyway?

3 musings:

Anonymous said...

Hi just stopped by to say hello and tell ya i'll see ya @ She Speaks! Safe Travels!

Blessings, Heather

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, the words a mom loves to hear! :)

A Musing Mom said...

Heather - I'll look for you there (at the bloggers reception perhaps?).

LL - part of what makes it great to be a mom, huh?