Thursday, December 17, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Remember that commercial? The one with the harried mom, who escapes to her bath to relax? Seems appropriate for this busy time of year, doesn't it. After all, who wouldn't go for an evening of quiet to relax in a warm bath right about now.

I got to thinking about Calgon the other evening as I poured some bath salts into the tub for the Uber Princess.

"See how it makes the water feel smooth?" I asked her. I waited for her response and in that moment a rush of memories came to me.

Suddenly I was eleven years old again and at my grandmother's house, running my hands through the silky smoothness of a Calgon-rich bath. It was a special wintertime treat, just at Grandma's house, to have Calgon in my bath. And nothing compared. The water would be steaming when I climbed in and I would sneak a look at the snow-covered forest out the window beside the tub before sinking down into the warmth. I'd soak until the water grew chilly or one of my sisters banged on the door for their turn. Then reluctantly I would slide out, slick with the softened water. I'd huddle in my towel for a bit, frustrated by the lingering feeling of being wet that couldn't be dried away, but still pleased to have such a treat.

I couldn't tell if my homemade salts softened the water the same way that Calgon did. And I couldn't recreate the magic of baths at Grandma's house on a cold winter night. But it was enough to have that memory take me away, back to those special times.

2 musings:

everydayMOM said...

awwwww... great memory... i love calgon! do they still sell it?

A Musing Mom said...

I wonder. I haven't seen Calgon in the stores lately. Hmm...